Roast my product idea, periodical updates from websites/profiles by email

RSSMailer: Imagine that you can follow a website, blog or profile on the internet and get a periodical (monthly/weekly/daily) update by email.

I feel this pain myself because I forget to check the sites that interest me. I also don't have the Instagram app on my phone but I would love to get those pictures by email.

Things you could follow:
- Blogs (or other websites) - Instagram - Twitter - Artists (Spotify)

The service is paid; so no tracking, ads or machine learning. Price would probably be low, around 5$ per month.

  • Most websites already have a newsletter I could subscribe to
  • Supporting all these different sources will be quite a technical challenge
  • You'll need to continuously update the service for API changes and new features
  • You might get pushback from those services as they prefer to keep control
  • I'm not sure it's a severe pain point. Never heard from people looking for a solution
  • You'll be asking money for mild convenience (you can already do everything for free, just slightly less convenient)
  • Drawback of not using Instagram app/etc directly is that I cannot easily like/comment/etc
  • Already somewhat solved through cross-sharing (e.g. if I follow someone's Twitter, they tend to share their blog posts etc there as well)
  • I personally want less email. Not more. I'm actually using Kill The Newsletter to turn newsletters into RSS feeds
  • Check out – it does a lot of what you say, but in Telegram

$5 per month for info I can get for free is not worth it right now.

Why not build (lots of) stuff you need fixed and see who starts to use it as well... I'm sure there's something in the execution phase where people say, hey that's something I needed.

I built a little while ago, just a weekly digest of your RSS subscriptions, it got some natural traction and features on some blogs but good luck with monetization 😄

I thought about the same, reaseaching a bit and I fould google alerts, which does pretty much that: