Roast my pre-launch landing page

I always find the marketing part very hard, I find it hard to write text that sells, especially in English. I also find it hard to figure out how much content I can put on before launch? Like not that many people have tried the tool yet and the features are quite limited. I would like to hear what you shippers think about my landing page messaging and if it makes sense? It obviously missing stuff so if you have any suggestions they would be appreciated.

I actually think your copy is clear and I understood what the product was going to do immediately.

However, my first thought is: is there enough of a market for this? Most spreadsheets I've worked with only have a few columns (maybe 10-15 at most). At that point, you can just paste the columns into chatgpt and copy the response back to the spreadsheet in the first row, or modify them yourself in a few seconds. I think by the time you open this website and upload your spreadsheet you could have already manually fixed the column names yourself in equal or less time for most spreadsheets.

I'd consider making a Google Sheets/Chrome plugin for this if possible, that would speed up the conversion time (no need to open a website then)

Note: I would launch as-is anyway because why not! Maybe someone that works on crazy large spreadsheets will click the buy button.

  • I like how simple the page is
  • Check out your competition so you can figure out if you can actually get a chunk of the market:
  • Get started CTA is not working on my machine; Mac OSX using Arc browser.
  • The copy is very clear, and I immediately understand the product.
  • Add testimonials as soon as people use your product
  • If you want to target mobile audience, make sure it's responsive.

Like minimal design, would tweak the hero image slightly and make the after "pop" e.g. by having the "To" and the dotted lines in your primary blue color to make it stand out.

Do you have any kind of numbers you could add? I can imagine the product is great for big data sets so you could add a section "problem" on the lines of

Manual data editing for 5,000 lines 60 mins.
Magicheader data editing 60 seconds.

Nice and clean site.
On my iPhone I have a horizontal scroll bar.

That wizard hat is GIVING ME LIFE! Hot damn that's so cool. Love that.

Your landing page isn't bad. It's good, succinct and clear.