Roast my plugin for AI

Not another AI plugin, but for the people that use AI, would love to hear your thoughts!

To be honest AI regulation is not anywhere on my list of worries

The landing page didn’t convince me that I should care about it either. It mentions “don’t lose sleep” and such, but where are the regulations and how do they apply to me as a US business owner?

The pricing looks weird as it’s not in my own currency or how I would expect prices to be formatted

I would try to have a simple message somewhere in explaining how much of a problem this is and be specific, like what are the fines involved if I don’t comply and under what situations would I even get fined

Thank you for the feedback Ben, awesome! I am indeed pretty early with releasing a solution for the AI regulation aka the AI Act in europe. In only 6 months, companies in the EU need to be compliant, and one of the first needed is "label AI". That also explain my target market for now (euro currency). But will def put it on the list to do to have a currency switcher, and maybe add some articles about the EU AI ACT. Thanks agian for the feedback!

Makes sense and thank the lord I’m not incorporated in the EU