Roast my new landing page

This template notion allowed me to earn a little money (5K€) a little over a year ago and I decided to relaunch the marketing and redo the landing page.

It's a notion template that helps you build your side business step by step.


You forgot a link to the landing page :)

Took a quick look:
+ Product idea seems clear enough. I have no use for it but I think a lot of people struggle with getting started, so I get the idea
+ Lots of social proof
+ I like that you included a story about yourself, helps humanize the product
- "300+ ai tools" in pricing table -- confused as to what the value is here, why do I care about 300 different tools/what do they do and can I even use all of them?
- Alignment issue on one of the images on wall of love, think it's too tall (top right)
- Not a huge fan of the font selection, but this is a personal thing and I think others will be fine with it. For me, reminds me of a font I'd use on a homework assignment in elementary school haha (maybe that's the point since your product tries to get founders to do their "homework" before starting a side hustle)
- Inconsistent fonts on the order page (think the credit card input font is different). I might A/B test a standard Stripe Checkout page with this one and see what the conversion difference is

thanks. awesome feedbacks

I can comment in term of copywriting.

What I Like
- Clear problems statement.
- Lot of testimonials
- Clearly point out with vs without.
- Roadmap Week 1-3

What I think can be do better
- When I reach the white background part below "Ready to launch your side hustle without excuses?" I start wanting to buy it less for some reason. Maybe it because 1. It's hard to read. 2. You start writing about what your product do instead of "what problem it solve". It should be expansion of Week 1-3 Roadmap instead of list of features like microtasks.

Btw, wondered how you design your sticker graphic? it's look good.

thanks, great feedback.

I made it with Excalidraw.
I do my own illustrations ;-)