Roast my landing page

Folks, I've rewritten the landing page copy, introduced new pricing plans and etc

Feedback welcome

I like the logo and site design. I also enjoy the simplicity of it all. I think your product differentiator is that it's just you, and I feel like I'm getting white-glove service instead of a pre-canned email that everyone else might receive.

My first recommendation would be to use to proof your copy. It's a fantastic tool that I use all the time.

I would also recommend that you somehow highlight that these emails are tailor-made for me and that I might get an advantage by hearing about these offers first. I know you call these out in your benefits section; however, I feel like they deserve their own heading because it's a relevant product differentiator.

The "How It Works" navigation link goes to a benefits section that doesn't clearly identify how it works. Maybe add a step 1,2,3 section that describes how I signup, what you'll do, and how I use the service?

Maybe call out how frequently I'll receive these emails. I know it's in the signup form; however, I found myself trying to find this information in the benefits section first.

The twitter link ( in the "No Evil Corp" section is broken.

The headers on the FAQ section aren't aligned. Maybe use a table or CSS grid to make them aligned.

Maybe get rid of the hyphens in front of the words in your footer links?

Nice job! If you need anything else, please feel free to contact me.

Hi Cody,
Thank you so much for taking time to write a details feedback. Those are really valuable points.
I've implemented most of the points including the part "highlight the tailor-made". I've added a new section with a title :)

I still need to develop the "How it works" section, I've that in mind and will develop in future. Thank again for your feedback.