Roast my landing page for a website/ app health check

Ooh I do something similar for clients, and people love it. It's quick-but-immense value.

What I see missing is how you'll deliver this health check audit. I specifically tell them it'll be a video walk-through with a PDF action guide. (And I make it fillable in Canva so they can check off the action steps when they work on it.)

I'd also shift your words -- depending on the service you're providing. Based on the price point, I'm assuming you're doing something similar as to what I do, which is JUST the audit.

But your copy implies you're going to recreate their website for them AND do the strategic consulting necessary to "deep dive into their audience demographics," etc.

(For me, doing brand + content strategy, rewriting copy, and writing content are all upsells to the website audit, and they're priced appropriately.)

You might want to consider being clearer with your words and making a section of "What You'll Get" so the deliverables and expectations are set upfront.

Whoa, this is great feedback. Love the comments on making the deliverables clearer so the expectations are matched. Yes, the plan is just the video audit and an action guide but you’re right, I don’t want people to expect me to do the changes for them at that price point. Love the idea of upselling the changes and actions though. Thank you so much!

You're welcome! Keep us all updated on how this goes!

I'll share my little trick for this to start getting clients (without waiting for people to come to you):

  • I joined LinkedIn and searched for companies I wanted as clients. (I also did this on Facebook and went to Facebook groups to look for people asking copy/content questions.)
  • I did a mini audit of their website/landing page/content for free through a Loom video.
  • I sent the video link, along with my Calendly link in a cold email (or DM if on FB) and offered to hop on a call.
  • I had an 82% reply rate, and of the people who showed up, 100% became either full audit, copywriting, content writing, and/or strategy clients.
  • Of the clients who signed up for 1 service, around 75% came back for a different service. My retention rate was ridiculous because I frontloaded so much value and had my client experience on point.
  • And of the content writing clients, 100% stayed with me after 1 month.)

For Facebook, it was a little more nuanced.
- I joined relevant groups and searched for posts by people looking for copy/content/website advice.
- I'd give free advice in the comments and asked insightful questions to start a dialogue in public.
- I offered to give them a full video audit (for free), which is how I got into their DMs. I didn't just spam people's inboxes because that's frowned on in most groups and I didn't want to be one of "those" people. Get consent in public first, then DM people the video link with a calendar link for them to follow up where you upsell them.

If you don't want to do cold outreach (honestly, it's SO easy for this offer, so it's worth testing), if you have some money to burn, you can run ads for:

(a) free mini audit with a full audit as an upsell (be super clear about the difference they'd get here)

(b) paid audit with done-for-you services as an upsell

If you want someone to give you feedback on your ad copy + creative, ping me and I'd be happy to give you some!

If you want to go the organic marketing route, I'm sure you know how to create a campaign and/or drive traffic through SEO, but I've got zillions of ideas you can test if you need a friendly nudge in the right direction. :)