Roast my landing page

-> Do I make you want to sign up?
-> Am I useful?
-> Why not?

Not sure why I would use it? E.g. I wrote Deployment from Scratch. Is ScoreDetect for me? I am kinda missing a simplified example on the landing, one or two very small and exact usecases.

@strzibny thanks, I shall create a simplified example

Overall design of the page looks fine to me.

I did not get what your product does from the header. But the about section did: "Create verification certificates for your digital content to prove ownership" and "enhance your copyright protection". Also it was not clear to me that the certificates are actually stored on a blockchain.

On your pricing page the actual price is very small and same style as rest of the copy, make it bigger and bolder!

@thomasmol thanks, I suspect people might not get the uses of the blockchain but I may be wrong.

I shall also make the price more prominent!

well blockchain is the reason why your product would work in the first place right? you can also call it "cryptographically verifiable certificates" to avoid the word blockchain

Good shout, I shall incorporate that to the above-the-fold section