Roast my idea (local mentor/mentee system)

Sup WIP. Roast my idea anyone? 🙏✨

Thinking of starting a local community for product making (common goal of creating and launching web products ).

Main Value Add: [+] Mentor / Mentee hierarchy system (because there's a demand for guidance, accountability and support)

Supporting features: [+] Weekly local launch event in default HQ venue (so there’s something to work towards) [+] Telegram Group (similar to this group) [+] Basic stat tracking (# launches you did for your products / major versions)

Please be brutal

Hi Pyotr,

the whole point for me to join WIP was, that "makers" are a very special kind and you only find very few locally. Makers are a small fraction of stratup people which again are still a small fraction of ...

.. So let's assume you make the (hard) challenge to find 3-20 people in your city - what should they pay you for? In the physical world you can't own the platform. And if you don't do it physically then your whole point of having a local community is gone.

Absolutely good idea to seek out local makers and rally together. But this is not a business idea imho.

This seems like the type of idea you just need to try and grow incrementally. It all boils down to finding enough relevant and interested people in your vicinity.

I'd organize a meetup. See if you can find enough people to attend. Organize another a month later. If more people attend (i.e. people come back and bring friends), you're onto something. If fewer people show up, try something else.

I have no idea if this will work, although I hope it will. I would try setting up a group with a telegram group or clack channel for the area and see how that goes.Than take the next step once demand is validated.