Roast my beef 🍖(or my social media tool)

I've been working on some JAMstack tutorials, and react component libraries, etc..

The hardest part is marketing, and getting it out to the public eye. If only I had some sort of twitter following.

So, I came up with the idea to release some products online. Instead of paying for it, all I wanted was a twitter follow.

I was looking for tools online that would setup a "follow gate", but only found a couple that work for soundcloud. They were meant for musicians only.

Instead of building this tool for my self, I decided to open it up to the public. CreatorsGate was born.

I truly believe this can help people build their online presence. It currently works with Twitter & YouTube. Now that the rush of building it is over, I'm going to start releasing some products to really test the idea.

Ch-Check it out


  • I like the concept. I've seen it a lot for newsletters ("subscribe and get my free ebook"), but not really for getting Twitter followers or YouTube subscribers. Makes a lot of sense though.
  • Personally I don't have any files to give away. I might be able to write some content I'd put behind a "follower gate", but don't want to go through the trouble of having to create a PDF with nice markup, etc. I wonder if other content creators feel the same. For example as YouTuber might decide to upload an unlisted video, and only make it accessible if people subscribe.
  • It wasn't clear from the homepage what happens if someone is already following/subscribed. Is the download only available to new followers, or anyone?
  • I'd change "CreatorsGate allows you to trade your awesome files for social media follows" to be more focused on the value you provide: "growing your reach". So something like "Grow your following by …"
  • The screenshot was a bit unclear to me. I wasn't sure what I was looking at. Maybe crop it so, it focuses on the important part?
  • Because the screenshot didn't make much sense, I missed a demo.
  • There's quite a lot of text on the page and it's not very readable. The lines are too long. I'd stick with around 8-10 words per line.
  • I'd like to see some case studies. Ideally with graphs. What results can I expect. Etc. Some live examples would be useful too.

You just gave me some good ideas.

A) To tackle the issue of writing nice PDFs & eBooks. I'm going to make a simple tool that helps make good looking documents. It can help with the process and also drive traffic to the main offering.

B) I'm in the process of making my own eBook tutorial on working with serverless functions and building a paywall. Will release this on CreatorsGate, and also record the whole process as a demo for the landing page.

Thanks for the feedback, really helped a lot!