Roast Mumu Landing Page

Hello folks!

I just deployed the new landing page of Mumu (pre-launch). I'd appreciate if you could give some feedback about the copy and UI / UX there.

It's still on right now because the main URL is being used by the private beta users.

Thank you all! 😉

Find your emoji quickly without tears.

I like the start of the sentence, but I'm not sure how well the "… without tears" translates. I'd go with something more standard like "Find your emoji with ease"

Endlessly looking for the best emoji? Dealing with useless animation from emoji picker? Then give up with using emoji even though that's how you uniquely communicate? No more!

This seems rather long and doesn't give the reader much additional information.

Rich Vocabularies

Difficult word for a simple concept. I think the word you're looking for is "synonym". The GIF next to it does a nice job explaining the concept though.

Mumu shows several options that might be matched with your preference. It remembers which emoji you choose, so that you could find it quickly in the future.

I'd change this to something like "Mumu becomes smarter over time. It learns your favorite emoji and what words you use to search for them."


I prefer how the native picker looks and shows the context of what you're typing. If I understand the GIFs correctly then Mumu blocks what I'm typing. That seems rather annoying.

I would positioned it as a repalcement for the default the default emoji picker, but for power users. Similar to how CleanShot positions itself as a replacement for the default macOS screenshot functionality.

One thing that's missing from the landing page is a proper screenshot. All images are cropped. I want to see what the app looks like in the context of a full macOS screen.


Overall I really like the landing page. Seems really clean.

I've just updated the landing page copy, video, and alike (thanks @marc for feedback 😀). Does anyone want to jump in and roast it again?

  • I don't know what I'm getting into because there is nothing about pricing on the page.
  • What is the shortcut you use / suggest to browse emoji?
  • Would be great to read multiple user quotes / use cases.
  • Can I use Mumu with my browser or do I need a browser extension?
  • How would it work with apps where I use emojis the most (Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, Slack)?

Hi Wilbert, thanks for sharing.
- I love the look and feel of the LP, it's clean neat and concise.
- not sure whether the flow for payment and for the free trial is good enough, maybe you need to add another screen, or to provide an additional explanation on the install or something that might make the users be more invested. not sure though.
- UI wise the FAQ might be a bit too big, it hard to read, you're forcing me to go all the way from the left to the right side of the screen. maybe a smaller font or a different structure could do a better job.
other than that, super cool.

*keep in mind that users that aren't typing in EN won't understand what you're talking about, e.g.- me as an Israeli that speaks Hebrew, won't be able to use it I believe if I'm having a conversation in Hebrew. If So teach me how :) if No, perhaps it's a good value proposition.

My 2 cents. good luck.

Hey Hagai! Thanks for your 2 cents. 😀

About the flow of payment and free trial, what do you mean by "additional explanation"? What should I add more to get them more invested?

Regarding FAQ – I can't agree more with you. It needs to be changed soon.

And could you please elaborate more on "won't be able to use it in Hebrew?" I'm not sure I understand it clearly.

However, appreciate your roast here. That's invaluable. 🙏

Sure, np :) I think (without doing it by myself) that because it's a LP that is very 'lean' in terms of content and depth, and you're not a well known company, 'giving' you my money so fast it's quite intemidating, for me at least. I would like to know you a bit better first. You do give a free trial, but still, something there is not the way I would expect it to be as a user.

You can A\B test if additional page that gives users more information before they pay, or providing them with a known environment of 'paying' pages could help you with conversions.

Also you can perhaps connect it with the free trial and only when it's over ask for paymet or something similar.

Hebrew - 50% of my emails for example would be written in Hebrew, your solution won't help me there no? can I type 'מכונית' which is Car in HB and get a car Emojy?
Can I search for Emojys in other languages other than EN?

Got it man.. 😀

The landing page needs more love indeed.

Regarding your last question – Not yet. It only supports EN at the moment. I'll see if it's something that people really want before building it further.

Thanks Hagai! 🙏