Productized Laravel work

Hey peeps. I'm looking for advice about a one-page site I'm designing for offering productized Laravel work.

Background: I intend this to fit in as a side hustle - regular, repeatable, fixed-scope work in my skillset. I've done some moonlighting before and have one regular side client, but these days I'd like to try something different. I tend to get a bit burnt out with regular moonlighting arrangements, especially since they almost always have to be hourly. So this is an attempt to try something different and see if it's more sustainable (and more profitable!).

I'm following a bit of Jonathan Stark's teaching around productized services and a "product ladder" here. Each offering is supposed to build upon the previous ones, with the final one being the "mercedes option" of bespoke work. Since I'm employed at an agency right now, this bespoke tier will just be a funnel to bring clients to the agency for anyone who wants me for ongoing work. I have discussed this idea with my employer already and the consensus seems to be a bit of "manage your energy levels and give it a try, let's see how it goes".

Let me know what you think! I'm mostly looking for feedback on the idea and how the offering is presented.

Known things:
- The CTA at the bottom goes nowhere: this will be a link to a form (or just an embedded form), once I finish making said form.
- Details: I'm still ideating on all the offerings and the fully detailed spec of each one, and then still how surface that information on the website. Most likely I'll convert the current design of the products list to some sort of accordion.
- Pricing: I intend to offer this to clients anywhere and offer pricing in ZAR/EUR/GBP/USD, so offering static pricing on the page exposes me to currency arbitrage or at least inaccuracy. I think I can whittle down which currencies to charge in but since I'm most active in South Africa I still will offer ZAR on top of another currency. So for now my workaround is to keep a rough table of prices per currency in my notes and provide that to the customer based on where they're from.

  • I understand the inaccuracy of pricing. But add ball park USD pricing. I think it's a turn-off for people who cannot see the pricing plan immediately.
  • To "productize" further, add everything you offer in plans/tiers.
  • I see a lot of text and need to read a lot to know what problems you solve, maybe something more "bitesized". Also move "Who am I" and "Who are you" to another page, people tend to not care. They just want to pay you money for a problem you solve.
  • Seems like you have a bunch of experience, show people! Add testimonials or screenshots from previous work.
  • I think the simple design is effective and nice! Check for inspiration:

Thanks for the feedback! Will definitely move the blocks around a bit.

To be clear, this is explicitly not the same model as DesignJoy. I think he's actually corrupted the "productized service" term a bit, because not all productized services are just subscriptions. See here, as I'm following Jonathan Stark's description:

Under that definition, tiers/plans are not applicable. The offering as I'm exploring it is selling individual tasks directly, and that's what the offering list reflects.

Here's my first revision:

  • Clearer product delineation & more detailed descriptions
  • Straight to the point
  • Pricing in EUR (might change to USD, it's more dependent on which kind of clients I'd like to get)
  • Consolidated some of the offerings

Ideas for refinement:
- One thing I'm toying with is potentially trying to ditch calls from the offers altogether - at least, reduce the need for them as much as possible.
- An introduction video from me

Looks a lot better already! I still think it's a bit to much text, but maybe that's personal preference. Intro video is definitely a nice idea. Keep it up!

Interesting, in my view it's not very much text ha!

I'd like to dig in a bit more if you don't mind: I suppose the view on the amount of text content depends on the purpose of it in your and my view - do you suggest very minimal text to give it more of a "straight to the point" kind of vibe or something else? From my perspective I'm trying to keep it a bit light while still establishing some authority with the customer, and be clear on exactly what they're getting. So it's not exactly a heavy sales page but also not a one-click everything.

Yes, I like the straightforward approach you have: Fixed-price, full-powered Laravel development. Keep that up I'd say.