<paragraph>, Learn English while reading the daily news.

Hi guys,

During the past several weeks I've worked on <paragraph>, a web application that helps users learn English while reading the daily news.

This week I'd be happy to let ppl try the first Beta version and collect some early impressions.

You can try it in 2 ways:
  1. Chrome extension manual install (it's not on the store yet).
    1. Download the extension from Github => HERE 
    2. Unzip the file.
    3. In Chrome go to menu->settings->extensions(mark developer mode)->Load unpacked.
    4. You should see the extension on the top right corner.
    5. Now, browse the web like you normally do and hit the Icon whenever you want to use the product.

  1. Go online to
    1. Copy and paste an article URL and watch it work.

I'm here to help and support, and of course hear your opinion and honest feedback.


I don't use Chrome, so I tried to online version. Here's my feedback:

  • From the landing page it's not clear what the site is about
  • The example link is really handy, but I initially missed. Because it's so small. I recommend adding a bunch of different examples and make them more into clickable cards with a title
  • The example shows me Hebrew. I can't read Hebrew, so that's not super useful to me. Instead I think you can ask the user their primary language or guess it based on their browser/location. Alternatively, make the language selector easier to spot. Right now it feels hidden.
  • Selecting language by two-letter country code is not super user-friendly. I'd like to see the full name of the language.
  • More/less slider isn't clear what it does. More or less of what?
  • I tried adding a link but it got stuck on loading (… )

Overall I like the idea of learning a language through reading. Especially if it can be done automatically with the browser extension. My English reading comprehension is already good enough, so I wouldn't use it for that. But I might if I were to learn another language. 👍

Hi Marc, thanks for the feedback!

  1. Agree, would work on making it a real LP with more information about the product use-cases and other things.
  2. Great idea.
  3. Yes this is what I'm developing now. according to the users' choice and would guess by the IP or other available params. UI wise good feedback.
  4. I'm thinking to add flags maybe.
  5. True. I need to find a solution for that.
  6. it takes time for the server to ramp up if its down, so it takes a long time to load. would fix this also.

Thank you very much on the feedback. I really appreciate your opinion and you taking the time.