Paddle stopped supporting my site and suspended my account. Should I go for Stripe Atlas? is my site. What we do -> Hand-curated remote jobs delivered to your inbox

Here is the reason for them suspending my account

"Even though the product is delivered digitally, the product itself is still hand curated by a human. We are unable to support this due to the tax implications involved when dealing with human services. "

What country do you have a residency?

I'm from India!

So how you will open Stripe in India ? If you have PayPal in India you can siply make a payment button even with recurring payment so clients could pay you.

I'm thinking of Apply for Stripe Atlas. Paypal is really hard to understand :(

So do you think that incorporate USA company with Stripe Atlas, understand USA tax and open a bank is easier then understand how to register in PayPal, connect bank to PayPal and make a PayPal button?

In India, I think you can send, receive and withdraw money…

And here how you can make a PayPal button:…

But Stripe Atlas is much more stable solution for stable business (not just idea validation or something that $1-2k / month). So if your business is so mature maybe it make sense.

Interesting in your experience with Stipe Atlas.

yes Andrey, you are right. I was also thinking in the same direction initially.

After using Paddle it really makes things easier. I really don't manage anything like billing/subscriptions and all. I'm looking for a similar experience, that's why thinking of going with Stripe.

I also think that if I use Stripe, user signup conversion rate will increase. Not sure if that's correct thinking.

are you making more than $2,000 per month?

no no, have not released yet. During beta I made 50$/m and Paddle ruined that :)