My PWA is live in the App Store. What if I add Stripe payments?

My PWA was accepted in the App Store after having packaged it with pwabuilder you can download it on an IoS device from

At the moment there's no authentication nor paywall, I'm just gathering feedback.

What If deploy a Stripe paywall later on? Will Apple track it and hunt it down?

Apps in the Apple App Store, must use the payment system.
You cannot offer a system to pay for you app outside the App Store.
Eg Twitter does something smart, if you subscribe for twitter in the App Store it's 30% more (to account for the Apple tax). If you subscribe to twitter through the browser it's 30% cheaper.

So your options are pretty simple. People can subscribe through a browser (not your app and you app cannot have links to this payment page).
Then in your app, when user logs in, they can have access to paid features.

Or you just use Apple's subscription / payments system.

@sponno so how do the users know about the browser payment page if we can't link to it? I'm assuming Apple is checking marketing websites for links too, right?

That's the rules - If you look at Amazons Kindle app - there is nowhere in the app to buy a book. Your app is like a "viewer app" if you have a subscription you can use the app.

If you want to sell something, use Apples in-app payments and pay the 30% feee.

I get that... no direct links to payment pages from app.

So is this scenario okay?
site: payment links in header & nav.
app: no direct payment links. premium features labeled/disabled with direct product & homepage links.