MVP is live!

MVP available at

No paywall, no account needed.
Will come soon but keep all free to get feedback as much as possible with the UX

Can chat with an AI math tutor bot, can ask anything about math.
Can upload a picture with math formulas and they will be parsed and passed to the both.
Freehand sketch coming soon.
It can reply using proper math formatting.

(Domain was taken with the idea to use a non-chat UI, will probably change it)

Man, this is impressive! I asked it for the non-obvious integral of sin²(x) and it nailed it, giving a detailed explanation of the steps in-between. The expressions are nicely formatted in MathML markup.

Then I asked literally "Which are the optimum height and radius for a cilindric can holding 33 cl of a liquid that require minimum aluminum?" It failed to yield the dimensions of a can of Coke, but seemed to understand the problem.

I have finally asked it to explain the Fourier theorem …I didn't bother to read the full answer (I have forgotten it myself!) but again seemed to at least understand the question and provide a meaningful output.

Don't know how much of this can be credited to you or to the underlying AI engine (ChatGPT?), but it seems like a super handy tool for students.

Congrats, Francesco! I wish you now find a sustainable business model around it.

Thanks for the feedback mate 💚

It's just ChatGPT under the hood with some specific system prompt instructions.

The added value should be the possibility to snap/upload a picture with a math exercise and have it parsed and solved it straight away.
Freehand sketching is also coming soon.

Thinking to limit to "16 year old" math topics as it tends to hallucinate for complex stuff