Music 🥁 Collabo: Let’s Make A Pop Song 👩‍🎤 On The Weekend

I’m copywriting from Monday to Friday, and that’s cool, I’m loving it. But on the weekend, I want to get some intentional distance from it and use my leisure time to test things out.

My ask I’m inviting you to deconstruct the DNA of a pop song so we can create our own. I’m looking for creative collaborators who know about music-making and have an interest in this kind of experiment.

The goal: A pop song that people will blog about and that HypeMachine will mention in their weekly newsletter named „Stack“.

Who would like to try this out? :)

I like the concept, but not much time for this. I would be interested in a modular/eurorack interface that would make it possible to do a massive online jam. Maybe just sending a clock signal would be enough, but probably not that easy. If everyone agrees on some lag...could be cool!

Cool! I’ll be keeping that in the back of my head and ruminate, and get back to you when I have something more practical to work with (especially with a limited amount of available time).

I would like to watch the process if possible. Thanks 🤷‍♂️