Montaigne: make websites from Apple Notes

Would like feedback on how I describe the project Is it clear? How would you describe it?

Where would you try to find initial audience?

I'm a sucker for a simple product that solve one problem really well.

I like this idea a lot. It's easy to understand and use.

I think you could use a little more work on you user onboarding.

1.) A CTA front and center on the homepage

"Build a website, blog, or portfolio using nothing but Apple Notes — [SIGN UP]"

Something short, sweet, and punchy — right in the middle of the screen. The "join/sign in" text link at the top right isn't obvious enough.

I liked the idea, wanted to try it, and had to click through the docs to find a sign up link. I ended up using the sign up link from your guides.

2.) Sign up workflow

Your guide has nice screen shots and instructions to help a user make a new website. (…)

Your actual sign up screen workflow has the same steps but has less information and help. I needed two tabs open to figure out how to set up the website. Maybe bring screen shots/guides into the sign up workflow?

(Also if signing up with Apple Notes on an iPhone is different than signing up with Apple Notes on a Mac, you may want two sets of instructions).

3.) There's a few other UX issues

I'm not sure if some features aren't built or if I just can't figure out how to use them.

  • How do I set a homepage?
  • On my site settings can I change all of them at once or do I have to go through one by one and save each of the settings separately?
  • Can I set up multiple websites with one Apple ID?

RE: Finding your initial audience

I have no idea. But you do have some things working to your advantage...

  1. It's a general enough of an idea that it can be useful to large groups of people. In my experience people generally want nice looking websites they just don't have any design or technical skills to do it. Make the sign up process simple as hell, spread the word far and wide, and you'll get some early users.

  2. Watch their usage patterns and look at the websites they build. You'll probably find some early patterns that can help you come up with good some marketing ideas.

I really do like this a lot, Anton. Keep it up and don't overcomplicate it! It's beauty lies in its simplicity!

Pete, this is great feedback!

  1. "Home page" it is possible to do it now. I saw what you were trying to do and implement it for all the new users.
  2. Great feedback on the docs - how I have them in two different places - will fix this.
  3. It's possible to create as many sites as you want with one Apple ID. I will add it to the FAQ

Great idea. I don't use Apple Notes, so I don't know if it's powerful.
I would make look the main view like an Apple note, with the noticeable yellow header.

thanks! I also thought about it. Or at least have it as a default theme.