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What are you working on these days? - third party player for Apple Music - i'm working on this project from 19.01.2019 I wrote ~700 post on medium ( about progress of this project.
21k+ installs in month by organic from App Store.

From 20.11.2022 I and my wife (Senior Flutter Developer) work every day on We want to replace App Store Connect and do ASO for developers more easy and helpful!
macOS version released, iOS "In Review", web and other platforms will be later (Flutter...)

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

How I can get more developers for

What can you help others with?

How to build project solo with .net, flutter and Kubernetes. Sharing what I use in my projects. 

Something else you want to share?

Trying to write to twitter to get more users with #buildinpublic :D

Welcome @gorniv! I use part of the original team that built Apple Music. So if you want to hear some war stories, hit me up!

Thank you! If you can share some cool stories, write here, but i will write you in DM too.