master thesis topic suggestions?

I cofounded a live video debate platform in the Netherlands where politicians and citizens debate about current topics. For my master in Business I need to write a thesis. I am struggling a bit to come up with topics that are interesting while stil meet the criteria of being “academic”. Any suggestions for a cool topic i can research for my startup, that will actually benefit my skills/startup?

Could you do something around testing monetizing, or marketing your startup?

Yeah could do. What are you thinking of?

Something like an application of something in the real world; e.g. KPIs / a marketing strategy / etc, then run through state of union, goal, theories, application of one or more of them, results, conclusion

I wonder if you could do a thesis on the relationship between platform engagement (which a successful debating platform will have in spades) and consumer spending behaviour (ie the part that actually makes it profitable).

In other words, if people argue passionately with one another on your platform, does that mean you can turn that into profit? If so, how?

Very relevant to the modern social media landscape.