Looking for feedback on design and concept of (SSL is coming soon)

I find remote work quite challenging as I have no-one to talk to. So I've made a service to randomly match remote workers so you have an accountability buddy/someone to chat to about how everything is going.

I totally agree to your idea. Have been a remote worker for a while, but it's so boring. Do you know ? It's a similar idea you're trying to solve.

Anyway, I want to talk to you about this problem. I'm working on #hour in the same space as you also!

personal opinion pete, I think some more features around this product would be better. just ask me to sign up for a roulette to match with people to talk to, not sure it's that attractive.

Interesting idea. But not sure if I would pay for it, in case I would have the need, as it is quite easy to get in some remote worker community and then going from there.
Btw... "For European users, this website is GDPR compliant". That's probably not really correct, just putting this phrase there. To be compliant you need to have a privacy page with all the info needed to be GDPR compliant and subscribers need to give consent and agree with your terms.