Looking for Feedback for my tip based Q&A platform

Looking for some feedback on my Q&A App!

I know the styling could use some polishing and the landing page could be better looking but I am looking for feedback on:

  • Whether the value proposition and how to use the app is clear on the homepage
  • If you would use the app
  • What other improvements you would like to see

Value proposition is clear. Anyone with a big enough following can host a Q&A section where they get paid to answer questions.

I would not use the app as a host. If I'm going to host a Q&A, I'd rather do it somewhere where my followers already are such as Twitter rather than having to try and direct them to a new channel. I prefer my answers to be at a place where as many people as possible can see them (again, Twitter is a good example). I'm not interested in making a few cents off my followers. I'd rather do a free Q&A, grow my network/influence, and monetize later on by selling products etc with high higher margins.

I might use the platform if you could get some amazing people on there which I couldn't reach otherwise. For example, if I could ask Tim Cook and get an answer I'd pay for that. But I can't imagine anyone like that doing a Q&A for the money.

I don't believe in this model, but I might be wrong! So take my feedback with a grain of salt. I would focus on trying to prove/disprove the model. Everything else is secondary.

Here's how I would try to prove/disprove the model: find a handful of people that are open to doing a Q&A like this and for which you think you can reach a decent sized audience willing to pay to participate. Figure out the simplest product to test it out with them.

In other words you don't need a sign up flow for Q&A hosts, etc. You could even hardcode separate pages for each. For tipping/payments, come up with something that you can execute as quickly as possible. Maybe that means not tipping per answer, but just a flat fee for access. Use Disqus for Q&A. Etc. Simplify things a lot so you can prove/disprove the model as quickly as possible. Get real user feedback as quickly as possible. Iterate based on that.

Thanks for taking your time to write this detailed feedback! Will look to do some user testing to test out the model!

Whether the value proposition and how to use the app is clear on the homepage
I'm not sure people are ready to pay for answers. There is another website, Quora, where millions of visitors are happy to answer to questions for absolutely nothing.

If you would use the app
Probably not, if I really want to pay for an answer from an expert, I would probably use another service like this one:
Where I choose my expert.

What other improvements you would like to see
If I was the product owner, I would probably try to focus on a niche.
For example, gamers niche: "Ask gaming expert how to roxx"

Why ?
1 - Because there are tons of great++ gamers probably looking to help for money
2 - Tons of players are looking to rank, and if they are ready to pay thousands for fake weapons or skins maybe they would spend some $$ to get advice from other gamers that have a better rank.

Thanks for the feedback. Good find on Influenswer, looks like a more polished version of what I was going for. You can also choose your expert on llama as well, but my app lacks the seamless video feature they have.

I like the idea of focussing on a niche. This would make it easier to build a great product (because you don't have to be everything for everyone), and it will be much clearer who your target audience is. That will make a lot of things much easier like market research, marketing, copywriting, branding, etc.

@yucheng You can always expand to a wider audience once you've got some success. But it's probably easier to start deep and narrow and expand, than start broad and grow from there.

The crux will be finding a market where the model works. I'd lean toward professionals of some kind. People for who this expertise would be worth a lot of money. It's easier to create a sustainable business this way.

Whether the value proposition and how to use the app is clear on the homepage


If you would use the app

I'm not a target customer I believe

What other improvements you would like to see

Small points:
The background is very distracting whilst reading I'd recommend not changing it like this
The homepage is missing a title attribute
The Login button should probably be Sign up instead, this is a common pattern to target new users primarily as their intent is lower

I'm a big fan of the gradient text and the name :)