Launch Booklet

Today I'm excited to launch Booklet, a product I built to solve the problem of too many chat messages at work and in communities. 

Inspired by traditional internet forums and Google Groups, Booklet organizes communications into threads, and summarizes activities into a neat email newsletter. It promotes deeper discussions, while also increasing engagement by making conversations easy to follow.

Check out the launch today on Product Hunt, and make a free community at

Congratulations, @philipithomas. Interesting product, and nice job on the explainer video.

Question: Do you have a target customer in mind? Perhaps you can showcase/highlight that in your video + landing page.

Suggestion: In the section displaying all the Booklet groups (Booklet HQ, FRCTNL, DIMES VENTURE...), when I click on BookletHQ, it redirects me, instead of


Some of the early use case for Booklet have been:

  • Investors connecting their portfolio founders in a network
  • A marketplace building a community of workers to engage them between gigs
  • A Substack newsletter adding a subscriber community
  • Companies replacing Google Groups for internal announcements

My goals is to basically move from hobbyist usage -> non-work communities -> core work tool.

Thanks for catching the broken link - just pushed a fix for it.