Landing page for an idea I'm trying to validate, any feedback?

I like it!

Besides the application for blog posts I think this would also be really useful for generating thumbnails for forum posts.

Indie Hackers does this really well -…

@nealagarwal yeah Indie Hackers does a really cool job of it. Another question for anyone out there -> How should I get this in front of people?

start emailing social media managers. Freelancers, in-house, agency doesn't matter. Get them to use a simple MVP and improve with their feedback. you can also find communities where they hang out: subreddit, FB group, slack channel etc. and ask there.

Social media managers... That's a great idea

It took me a bit to figure out what the concept was... perhaps more copy, really explain the problem, and what the app does.

Edit: opened the page again, I completely missed "Add engaging text to your thumbnail links, and wow your followers." the first time...

Thanks for noting this, I agree that it's sort of confusing to understand the concept at first. Going to make some changes, and have that text stand out more

Nice đź‘Ťđź‘Ť! One thing that would be nice is a live demo of the code used to achieve the thumb (and maybe able to edit parameters).

That's a great idea, I intend to build that down the line. But first trying to just validate this idea.

I think it's cool and convincing. I love that you have a free tier as well, would definitely sign up to try it out. One small note: the arrows around the site icons indicate a "cycle", meaning you can go from one side to the other and then back, indefinitely. However, I believe your intention is that you can transform the example on the left to the example on the right. I would, therefore, put a single direction arrow instead of the "cycle" one...

Just fixed that :) I think it looks much better now. Thanks for the tip

Very cool! The tool itself looks really useful, congrats on getting it out there. I do find the landing page to feel a bit unfinished. The biggest suggestion I see is to add a big fat, fun-to-press CTA button that sends the person down-page to your pricing.

Some other things I would focus on: getting all images Retina-ready (@2x - current ones look blurry to me, make sure you use PNGs across the board), being aware of getting enough information 'above the fold' (I'm using a 12" MacBook so admittedly my area for that is smaller) and using either lines or colour to organize the information on the page a little more. I love seeing just the Like thumbs up as the logo, but it also makes it seem like the app name is missing somewhere.

Making your big headline font smaller and bumping it up so the screenshots are higher on the page would be a good start. Good luck!