Is it ok to hire someone to do the code for me?

Or I should study and do it myself? I feel like when I hire someone, the app is not mine.

You might be overthinking it. At the end of the day, it's the execution/shipped product that counts – without you there would be none.

I bet that you'd say "Hey, I made you an omelette!" instead of feeling sorry for buying eggs at the grocery store and not raising the chickens all by yourself 😉

Unless you're going for VC money, no one is going to ask you if you build the app.

Just remember to ask your employees to make a properly and detailed comment for each commit they submit to master, so you can easy follow up what's going out in case a weird bug happens and all your costumers going rant on you.

Ask to follow standard guidelines based on the stack (Basic stuff for a professional developer but just in case)… (Javascript)… (Ruby on Rails)

There is standards for design too in case you're building a web app or a mobile app.

But you can learn to code a 'normal' (not crazy) product in a month, working at least 2-4hrs daily and save some money.

For eg. if your product requires an "upvote" func like 'reddit/hackernews' you can surf tutorials in 'X' language about how to do it.

You can start building 2 - 3 apps based on tutorials related to the product you want to make, and then start from scratch trying to apply what you learned.

You have a big supportive community here on WIP and you can always ask 'technical' questions on stack overflow.

Yeah, this app I want to make it a little bit crazy since envolves API, blockchain, and Stellars! :( But just asked a company and some freelancers for "how much".

learning to code was one of the best decisions i ever made.

gives you a freedom to make stuff.

if you want to ship other ideas learn to code.
if its a one off perhaps get someone in