Introducing the Affiliate Program

Starting today our customers can earn money by referring their friends.

How it works

  1. After someone joins as an affiliate, they get a personal link to share with friends, etc
  2. When someone clicks the link, we set a 30-day cookie
  3. If that person signs up within those 30 days, we consider the user referred by the affiliate
  4. Whenever that user upgrades to a paid subscriptions or renews one, 30% of the money goes to the affiliate
  5. We pay out monthly via PayPal

How I implemented it

I implemented the affiliate tracking with Rewardful (affiliate link). It's made specifically for Stripe and is surprisingly easy to set up.

Why I chose to provide money instead of credits

Whenever you provide an affiliate program you have to make a choice between rewarding affiliates with straight up money (traditional affiliate marketing), or give them some credit for your product. Dropbox might be the most famous example, providing you with extra GB's of storage anytime you refer a user.

I chose to go with straight up money, because 1) I think the value I can provide with just credits is relatively limited, and 2) a lot of my customers social media marketeers so promoting Tweet Photo is something they might actually do as a job.