i want to fetch how many followers i have on a biz dashboard like klipfolio for a platform that has no api, ex: qoura, how would i do that?

A service like lets you scrape publicly available data that have no API.

Whether you can show that on your dashboard depends on which service you're using. I'm not familiar with them nor have I used recently, but I imagine they allow for a JSON output which you can then import in your dashboard tool.

If you're a developer you can also create your own scraper. A tool like SelectorGadget lets you easily generate a CSS selector that points to the data you need. You just need to write a script that extract the data based on that CSS selector.

You can try giving Puppeteer a shot. It is a Headless Chrome which you can use to visit to the page you need & scrape all the data you need.

Similar question - What do you use for Web Scraping? has some other options than Puppeteer :)