I'm Max from Barcelona, building analytics for digital documents

Hello friends,

I'm Max, I live in Barcelona, and I'm building analytics for digital documents @ It's like google analytics, but for digital documents (currently notion-only). We're a small team of two, and we're self-funded / bootstrapped / profitable.

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

My goal on WIP is to get to know & meet great builders. To share learnings, to support each other. Not necessarily people who don't want to "have a boss" and that's it (that's fine too, just not my thing), but those who're obsessed with what they do, who create, whose motivation is to build something great, something people would love using. If that's you - let me know, I'd like to be friends and follow your journey! :)

What can you help others with?

Can help you brainstorm your idea(s). Can review your app's onboarding and give feedback. Can tell you how to move to Barcelona via startup visa program. I can "hunt" your product on ProductHunt (got 2K followers there, could be helpful). Can cheer you up if you worked 9-5 and got laid off: I was let go in 2023 and decided to give it a shot and to work on my own stuff instead.

Anything startups related is my field of interest, really. Before going full-time to work on my own stuff, I also worked at startups / scaleups, and saw (did?) some cool things there too, while also always building my own little things on the side during nights & weekends.

Something else you want to share?

I play piano, my recent hobby is astrophotography, and I'm obsessed with using Midjourney to generate beautiful office buildings and desk setups.

My twitter is @MaxPrilutskiy.


Welcome to the WIP community! I'm sure you'll love it here since we're all on our own creator journey too. 😄

I'm utterly obsessed about what I do (content writing, community building, and branding -- but like messaging and storytelling kind of branding that rallies people behind a Big Idea), plus bringing in my background in cultural anthropology and psychology in my work, and I love meeting people who are obsessed with their thing too.

App onboarding is so underrated, so it's great you focus on that! I bet over half of retention problems could be solved by implementing quality onboarding. I'm also checking out your Notionlytics project since I use Notion for almost everything, including a knowledge base for my community and clients. It'd be fantastic to get insights on what people are reading most so I can create more content around that.

PS I'm a huge Trekkie who loves astrophotography as well! I'm lucky to live near some Dark Sky parks, so I can spend the night in the desert with a telescope to stargaze. I'm a (shitty 😹) painter, and I've been practicing astropainting, particular nebulae, lately, and a personal goal this year is to paint 1 cosmic phenomenon a month, with one of the months painting my favorite on a massive canvas that spans almost my entire living room wall. It's either going to be exquisite or a disaster, but I'm excited to try anyway.