How should I grow #faces?

Right now I have a handful of customers on the $29/mo plan. I feel like there's more potential though, but it's a tricky product to market.

Any suggestions on how I can grow revenue without substantial investments in the product itself?

I'm considering adding a cheaper plan ($7/mo) with a lower member limit (e.g. max 25 members) to get more people in the door. I'm even considering adding a free plan with mandatory "Powered by Faces" branding, but free subscriptions might be more trouble than they are worth.

Then there's some potential to market it to specific niches such as co-working spaces.

Any other suggestions?

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

How about offering them long-term trials (such as half a year) so that you can write some case studies?
Probably your potential users hesitate to signup your #faces because they don't see how it can improve their businesses 🤔

Takes hikes 🏔 makes sites 👨‍💻

You should go full on B2B 👨‍💼 change the price to $59/mo and change the copy on the page to something like "org chart for your business"

I have a similar product ( and don't think making it Free is the solution (I did, didn't matter for sales, maybe a bit for SEO though). The issue is more for me - and I think for you as well - that it is not really a pain to solve.

I also talked to a bunch of co-working spacing, and most didn't really care about their website (and due to high churn, kinda a hassle to manage all listed people/companies).

I think it should evolve to more than list a list of people, to actually make connections between people, or a way for people to get featured (stand out) so they have a reason to put time and energy into it.

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