How do you manage environment variables for your projects or team?

Hey guys!
I am looking for feedback for a tool I'm building called Onboardbase to solve this problem. While prioritizing security, Onboardbase takes a different approach making it easy to use and collaborative, eliminating the tradeoff between developer productivity and security to raise employee awareness and usher in a new era of secure-by-default, seamless development.

  • How do you currently solve the problem?
  • What challenges do you face with your current solution?
  • Are you open to using a new tool or Onboardbase for this problem?
  • How much would you pay for a solution?
  • If you won't use this solution, why exactly?
  • What do you like and what do you not like about Onboardbase?
  • What do you think it's missing?
  • What question didn't I ask that's a game changer for you?
  • General thoughts.

I use Rails credentials:…

Works well and doesn’t require any external dependencies. I can easily update the credentials during development without context switching.

Same here! I've also used dotenv-rails in development to have .env file that is git ingnored, but is more painful to work like this with teams

Would you be willing to try out Onboardbase?