How do you handle source control?

I'm currently using github but it seems expensive compared to the offerings of gitlab for example.

gitlab for private and github for public repos

Bitbucket for private (free), github for public. Iā€™m a noob so also use Sourcetree.

GitHub (Developer plan). I used Bitbucket before but GitHub is just so seamless because I have everything up there right now and don't have to switch.

Great, thanks guys! Are any of you using CI systems? How do they integrate with your source control env?

GitHub is great for public repos (open source projects).

If you want only a few private repos you can use GitLab or BitBucket.

If you got a lot of projects, I would recommend a self-hosted GitLab + GitLab CI Runner. The GitLab CI is really awesome and easy to setup.

GitHub for public projects, and self-hosted Gogs/Gitea for private repos

Private repos: Gitlab with extra origin on Bitbucket, in case either one is down - which is not that an unusual occurrence

Public: Github + above

You can never have enough redundancy
Bonus points for gitlab with its own integrated CI and Docker building system.

Github developer plan. Nothing complicated just push and pull code when needed.