How do you get healthcare on the road / do you use online health resources to self-diagnose while you travel?

If you use any websites or anything, what do/don't you love about them? 

This question comes out of my getting sick quite a bit in Egypt and not knowing which clinics to go to & wanting a second opinion about any drugs they give me, etc. 


I'm working on product now that uses a vector db of ~70 textbooks of health information and GPT-4 to give a universally-accessible standard of health information available to anyone, no matter if they're in the Sinai desert or a big city. 

I'm building this with my dad, who's a family practice doctor in the small town in rural Nebraska where I grew up. Our friends & family have been testing for a few weeks in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

If it's useful to you, you can text: 
on WhatsApp or SMS (or just click this link:

DoctorChat (🤖) will mention that he sometimes makes mistakes and to verify all information with a clinician. He will send a typeform link, and you can fill it out if you want to talk to my dad for telemedicine. 

If I don't know with local knowledge, I just ask the hotel reception for any hospital/doctor where they speak English.

I think my health insurance provider can also provide me with contact info of relevant parties.

Thanks! That's helpful about the hotel reception and health insurance provider. (This product is out of my normal wheelhouse--trying to learn how to build faster)

Yeah I'd go via whatever my insurance recommend, as a nomad I use When searching its mostly based around reviews and that they speak English.

More recent I've been checking in with ChatGPT (GPT-4) and using that to sense check my decision / reaction to what I should do.

e.g I think we were potentially over using hydrogen peroxide to clean a wound a few days after it happened where just saline solution would have been much better. ChatGPT caught that after being given it by a pharmacist and we just assumed how to use it.

Thanks, and this is what I was doing too--the answers are pretty good, but because it makes mistakes sometimes, I wanted to build in a way for a doctor to supervise somehow at minimal time/cost to everyone involved.

Would a supervised version of a gpt-4 by a real doctor ever be something that you'd pay for? Negative feedback would be super helpful if not.

I think I'd pay for medical verification of some of the information if it were from a small independent medical provider that didn't just grind me through their system--and that I could develop a history with so they knew when my last tetanus shot was when I crash my motorcycle in Zanzibar, etc. But I could automate most of my medical questions that didn't require a visit.

Probably not for me – I don't think I'd pay, I just don't get sick enough / worry enough. I could imagine for a hypercondriac or someone who wants that piece of mind.

The idea of someone (or ai) knowing me and having my records does sound valuable, especially if it could be added to / stored safely.

One thing I have noticed, more often around guys is an attitude to just put off going to the doctors, or just forgetting. I guess because the friction is high, possibly an embarrassing situation. If you can lower the friction and triage (maybe human assisted) or lay out the steps of what to do next I could imagine that would be useful. e.g catching a cancerous mole early, that because its easy for you to ask, you do and then the tool smooths the process to getting checked out (explanation + organisation / booking).

Does that help?

Thanks, and this is super helpful. I hear you -- I'm pretty much the same way, and I bet it's only a small fraction that would go from gpt-4 generated health information to doctor verification.