how did you get followers on twitter? articles? bots? or maybe something another?

I don't have a lot of followers myself but I think it's a combination of tweeting something that people would want to follow you for and replying to popular accounts. My tweets with highest engagement are when I reply to people that have more followers than me.

Do not over calculate it. Just talk and have fun with the folks on Twitter.

Be more active on Twitter will help a lot. Write or share something that help other people on blog posts or Medium and add a message at the bottom "You can follow me here" will give you more visibility. Also don't stay focused only on makers/entrepreneurs, Twitter is like a huge chatroom, it's the opportunity to talk with people from different backgrounds and you can bring your point of view. Other thing, follow more people. You have to find your own community in this big space, some famous accounts follow nobody because at a certain point too much interactions can be hard to manage, I only follow people with whom I already spoke or when I like their work (it could be science, art, code, etc). Try to do what you do on WIP with Twitter and don't be worried if people sometimes don't answer, some people have not yet got into the habit of living in a world where the degrees of separation are so low.

Quality of followers is more important than quantity. And you get quality followers by being legit and talking about things you are good/passionate about. I have seen many accounts with 2000 followings, 3000 followers and tweets getting 0-2 likes on average. You don't want to be that.