Hey, I'm Alex

What are you working on these days?

I'm working on a few projects and deciding which ones to keep going on, kill, revive, or invest time in new projects that are more promising.
Super Alerts, Early Stage Hiring, Bitcoin Bars, 50DollarWebsite, and few others I don't have links to share for yet but will soon. All of them are super early (lots of placeholder content) and I'm just exploring ideas and pushing them along.

I'm doing this on the side while I freelance full-time as a designer, after working at tech startups in product & design for the past ~8 years.

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

Nothing specific right now beyond general feedback, but user acquisition strategies and experimentation will be key for any of these. I know I can build a great product for any of these, but haven't quite figured out distribution. I can do the basics of paid advertising and have some ideas for how I would manually find and onboard users for these verticals I've chosen, but haven't really learned how to do it repeatedly or successfully yet. 

Also generally looking to learn from the community and follow along as other people build cool stuff.

What can you help others with?

Product and brand/graphic design, motion design, webflow and other no-code tools, building real/complex digital products, or anything tangentially related. Happy to give honest feedback on any project.

Something else you want to share?

Looking forward to learning with everyone!

Hey Alex, welcome to WIP!

Can tell you're a full-time designer. Love the design of your products 😍

With regards to finding distribution: Don't worry about scale early on. Just start out finding customers manually. Once you found a process/channel that works, only then can you really start thinking about ways to make it more efficient and scale it up.

Which of your products has shown the most potential in terms of adoption? How did the customers find out about it? And is that something you can replicate?

Yep totally agree - think I really just need to pick one of these I feel conviction on and spend energy trying to get the first 1, 10, 20 customers. - is the newest one that I'll be working on next and will see how initial customer acquisition goes for that.

Interesting idea, but right now the target market seems quite generic which might make it difficult to find customers.

Have you thought about targetting a specific niche?

Yeah this isn't reflected in the website (yet) but was thinking more specifically about non-tech, probably older, professions like lawyers, doctors, etc.

Would not be going after the same audience that Squarespace or any other traditional 'website builder' is really targeting, but more for people who may not even think they need a website or haven't looked into it too deeply.