Hello, my name is Vasanth.V

What are you working on these days?

I am currently working on

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

Currently, I lack motivation to continue on my projects. Hope to get motivation from WIP members.

What can you help others with?

Not much these days as I am pretty much occupied. Feel free to drop your project and I would love to check it out and give you feedback.

Something else you want to share?

I am a serial maker, you can checkout my projects at If you liked any one of my project, please let me know. It'll be a huge motivation for me.

Hi Vasanth, welcome to WIP!

You have a bunch of great projects. Me and my friends spent a lot of time on Looptap haha. My personal highscore is 124, but one friend got over 300 🤯

With regards to motivation, I'm curious what motivates you?

For me there's a couple of things I know that motivate me:

1. Making (incremental) progress on the product

If I get in too deep of a rabbit hole building a certain feature or doing some kind of refactoring, then eventually I'll lose motivation to continue and I end up with a half finished thing. That's ultimately a waste of time and demotivating.

Instead, I try to work in small increments. For example the "Apply to WIP" flow you experienced is being built step by step. I shipped it quite early in the process. And I continue to build it out as people use it and give feedback.

2. Getting feedback

This ties in to the previous point. If I get feedback from users, that usually motivates me to improve the product and keep going. But if nobody is using it (either because I haven't shipped a usable product yet, or I'm making something nobody wants or knows about), then there's no feedback and the excitement of the idea and building it tends to wear off quickly.

So now I try to build stuff for people I already can reach (I built up my network through tweeting, blogging, building in public, helping others, etc), and ship many incremental changes based on feedback. That usually keeps me going. And if for some project I lose motivation anyway, that's probably an indicator that I should move on to the next thing instead.

Hope that helps!

Same for me getting feedback definitely motivates me. Also, I get motivated & inspired by other makers work.

Welcome @vasanthv - agreed with @marc. I checked out your projects, they're great :)

See you around.