Hello, my name is Pat

What are you working on these days?

I am working on Missioncontrol is a to-do and personal data tracking app focused on personal development. I am experimenting with different features all with one idea in mind: Helping people understand and manage their goals, fight procrastination, collect data about themselves & their progress and essentially give them a framework and structure around their goals. 

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

I have been working on for a long time on the side. I am a total rookie and actually a manager for a Pharma company. Would love to work less in my 9-5. However, after many months of long, long nights I feel like I am burning out. Question: Any advice on how you are able to work on so many aspects of your apps/businesses? Promotion, collecting feedback, issues etc. etc.?

Something else you want to share?

If any of the veterans here are interested in collaborating or giving me advise on how I can improve feel free to reach out!

Regarding burn out: building a solo business can be hard and chaotic work. I think the key is learning how to prioritize and getting comfortable with many parts of the business being broken or incomplete. There's always more to do, and you'll never finish your todo list.

So practically that might mean ignoring certains bugs that are not crucial, being okay with some design issues, "firing" customers that take up too much of your time, limiting your availability to certain people (especially people that want to chat without a clear goal).

I also think each project can feel different. Some feel like an uphill battle, while others almost pull you forward. It requires having worked on multiple projects to develop a solid awareness of this. So feel free to experiment with different ideas and compare how easy or hard they feel to work on.