Farid Movsumov


Maker of 🐵 nftbucket.com 🤖 botmake.io 🍔 foodieadvice.com 🕛 Smart image upload.
Joined February 2022
Created a feature which will allow users to find the most discounted cards on Sorare platform #tactic
Fixed the bug in Sold cards page. #tactic
Added lazy loading to images #tactic
Working on a listener script which will sync DB with Sorare card update events.
Started working on a new project 🙌 yes again 😁
Monitoring website as it is on the second 🥈 place on ProductHunt today currently a lot of traffic is coming. #nftbucket
Launched Nftbucket on ProductHunt 🚀 #nftbucket www.producthunt.com/posts/nft…
Social media sharing functionality added to NFT pages #nftbucket
Implement script to calculate ratings of nft galleries. #nftbucket
Lazy load feature implemented #nftbucket
Try different marketing tactics.
Do some marketing for the project. #nftbucket
Add some marketing/benefits text on homepage
build a page where users can see all NFT galeries #nftbucket
Joined WIP community 🎉 I think this is going to be the best investment in my motivation to ship together with great community! Hello everyone 👋