Have you ever been sued as a part of one of your business ideas?

1. Curious if anyone has gone through a lawsuit - any useful tidbits you can share / things you wish you knew before getting sued?

2. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good business lawyer? I'm based in the US.

To be fair, I don't have any legal problems and don't need to hire one right now, but it would be good to have a lawyer's name just in case I get sued for any reason over the next year or two while I'm experimenting with a bunch of different business ideas. 

Thanks in advance!

Usually before getting sued you receive a cease and desist letter. Nobody wants to get into legal troubles for small competitors. But no I have no recommendations for this unfortunately :/

Not sued, but I received a Cease & Desist from LinkedIn.
Don't anticipate problems too much before they come, unless you're really building something that will 100% get your sued. If you are in this case, I would not do it unless it's an opportunity absurdly big.

Haha, trying not to! Anticipating issues before they come is in my blood as a career software engineer, but I'm toning it down