Got a database of 10,000 emails. What's the best way to send all these people emails?

i've got 10000 emails in a mongo database. whats a simple way to email all these people.

any app/site recommendations.

looking for simplicity. obviously don't want my emails to end up in "promotions" or "junk" either, but that might be hard.


The most cheapest solution if it grows is… otherwise SendGrid, MailChimp, TinyLetter. I think its free for 1000 people or so. Check out their pricing pages though.

@deadcoder0904 mail-for-good looks pretty cool, Thanks. I am using which uses AWS SES as well, so it's cheaper, however for the price I expected more (it doesn't automatically include your address for CAN-SPAM for example)

cool. i heard email Octopus on IH podcast. like the sound of em