Feedback on the product tag line/description. -

My long time idea of Remove Leaf stalled for many months. After joining the I feel encouraged to continue working on this and launch it.

Here is the tag line I came up for RemoteLeaf

""" Hand curated best remote jobs delivered to your inbox

For a few dollars per month you'll get every remote job posted online, Daily or Weekly (Monday and Thursday), every week of the year - without advertising or clickbait. """

Is it understandable at first site? are you able to follow how remote leaf is going to help. Feel free to comment on it. You can see the site live at

Note: I've edited the question after reading @marckohlbrugge's blog post linked in the first answer.

Wow, that's great article Marc. I'll edit the question to say where I need the feedback. or may be come up with new ones :)

Cool concept! I would remove the 'best' from your tagline as it sounds awkward in its current spot. You could also add a hyphen so it would read: "Hand-curated remote jobs delivered to your inbox". I'm working on a similar concept but for local Toronto jobs - what service are you using for the emails, and for the paid email subscriptions? Thanks and good luck!

Thanks for the suggestion. That's perfect.
For emails I've not decided on anything yet, it may be mailchimp or sendgrid. For payments, its gumroad, since stripe is not available in my country.

I don't think there is a phrase such as "hand-curated". It is either "hand-picked" or "curated", both almost mean the same thing.
So IMO, the first line for me would look like -

Hand-picked remote jobs delivered right to your inbox