Feedback on Simple Portfolio's landing page and copywriting

Hey, I just launched Simple Portfolio (in closed beta but with a public live demo) and would appreciate your feedback on the copywriting and UI of its landing page. Is it clear what it does and what problems is it trying to solve? Is the wording good?

Also, any thoughts and feedback on the product itself are welcome.

And finally, I am looking for beta testers so if you are a passive investor and would like to give my product a try, let me know!


Hi Jakub !

I took a 5 min look with my designer eyes, bc i'm not your targeted audience. Anyway, here are some ideas :

Firstly, I think you should choose a more appealing CTA (instead of Sign In) and place this one on top right instead of left.

Also, let your design breath ! It really feels crowded.

I don't really understand the point of the live demo of your portfolio.

You should redefine your main call to action and focus on converting your visitor, it seems like you don't have a clear direction (it's normal for now but please talk with your users and be more precise).

The landing page feels really short and considering your type of product, you should seem more reliable, add social proof and safety guarantees. I don't know how it works but If I had to input some confidential information, I'm not sure I'll be feeling safe.

Talking about your user ? Who is your user ? What are his pain points ? What is the problem you are trying to solve.

Finally, I think you have a good positioning by choosing to be the simple alternative so focus on this simplicity in your messaging, branding and design. KISS :)

I think there is still a lot to say, so hmu if you need an in depth analysis. Keep working dude, and don't hesitate to hit me up ([email protected]) if you want me to help you with product design ;)

Hey @matheo,

thanks for the great feedback and advice! I made a new version taking into account your feedback. It really helped me.

  1. Agree. I changed it to "Try it now for free" and put it to the top right and below the headline.

  2. Why is that? Do you think it needs more spacing?

  3. The point of the demo is to see how the app looks like with real data. I find it more useful than just a screenshot or video. I got inspired by and that both have a live demo.

  4. I added a possibility to try out the app without having to sign up (thanks to @levelsio for the idea) so now the CTA is for the potential users to give it a try for free and without having to sign up.

  5. Yep, I think that security will be a big concern for many potential users (although they don't have to provide any credentials and the app does not have any access to your trading accounts). Unfortunately, I don't have any testimonials yet and it's difficult to give any safety guarantees besides saying I take data security seriously and follow the best practices (which I do). But at least I added a paragraph saying your data is safe.

  6. I updated the headline and added before/after section. Hopefully, it better expresses why I built it in the first place and who is it for. (I built it because my brokers' reporting sucks and I was really frustrated by trying to do it in a spreadsheet since the data is really difficult to get reliably.)

  7. Thanks, I am trying! ;)

Thanks again!