Feedback on our promo video for the ProductHunt launch

Hi everyone, I'm working on an interactive video platform called Sharelo. We are now working on our promo video for the upcoming ProductHunt launch.

I'd like to ask for quick feedback on the video and whether you can understand the essence of our product from the video. Any feedback is super helpful!

my first impression was: that's way too fast. Maybe a little slower?

Hey Manuel, thank you for the quick feedback! I compared this with some benchmarking product videos, and yes, it may be a bit too fast. Try to make it slower and easier to understand.

I agree! I had the same first impression upon watching the video.

Agree with the video being too fast and could do without the porn music :)

I'd slow it way down and use more relaxing/atmospheric music

In general I also prefer videos that just simply show the product's capabilities through a live demo with the founder doing a voiceover vs. marketing text. Why not just demo the product and call it a day? Loom is good for this

Thanks for the feedback, Ben! I will try out different music to check which is better!

I was considering using a demo video, but I also see demo videos work better for products targeting developers. So, now following the playbook Typedream team was sharing the other day.

I really enjoy the video. Echoing others, the primary concern is the difficulty in following/reading and appreciating the visuals of your app dashboard. Personally, I would recommend slowing down the pace a bit. It's already a solid video as it is.

Best of luck with your Product Hunt launch.

Thank you for the feedback Laurent!

Thank you all for your invaluable feedback, we've been able to refine and release our video.…

Our official launch is on the 15th, and we're committed to making it the best it can be. Any further feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated!