Feedback on my landingpage


I've been working on for a couple of months now and would love to get some feedback. It's a social media marketing platform where you can schedule and create posts with AI. I built this product because I was already using it myself. 

The market already has a lot of existing products, but there are also a lot of people and, therefore, a lot of demand. That's why I think this product could work out (if executed well). 

What do you think about my landing page/product? Is it clear what the product does? 

You can roast it of course 😊

Hey Lars, it looks fine.

But heads with the paddings around, is very inconsistent. The section that should have more padding is the pricing table, it's too crowded, hence difficult to read, let it breath.

I was checking the code, I saw is Tailwind, on that section you have padding xl:px-48 make it xl:px-20 or xl:px-24 that should be enough to make it readable.

Good luck!

Something’s strange with the headings. It looks like same text multiplied couple of times and moved horizontally tiny bit.

I love the concept! As I'm going through it I'll drop in the comments below some things that don't look coherent.

#1: The social media logos. if I were you I'd use the standard png icons as they look much better and are more similar to one another. a youtube png of the official logo would be much better here. Make sure all images are 1:1 aspect ratio, as right now either they aren't or you're using a different ratio when you render them on the page :) image for context

#2: There's a strange margin/padding above your header. See video:

Thanks Luca! Will fix that :)

In terms of page content looks super good!
If i had one thing to add, it would be just a schedule a demo or some section for custom pricing!

Thanks Tiago, appreciate it :)

Hi Lars,

First, congrats on the hard work

I would move the feature preview to the left for more visibility. Scrolled past it. and surprised to miss most of it.

For testimonial, maybe more contrast for fewer testimonials at a view? People tend not to like a wall of text.

The style looks good overall.

It was hard work :) 5 months long with a 9 - 5 job

not an easy feat! well-done, Lars