Experienced makers advising newcomers

Our community is quite diverse – many people are shipping their very first products while there are also folks with five, ten or even more years of experience here. 

I also see established makers willing to share their knowledge and wisdom, and new makers willing to learn. It looks like there’s an opportunity here.

What do you guys think about running small peer groups for the new makers in WIP, and assigning experienced folks to each group as advisors? Voluntarily of course :) 

Who might be interested in participating – as advisors or group members?

Sure, I'm in as a "group member"

Sure, I would be in as an advisor (and maybe sometimes as a member - always a lot to learn!)

That is one of the reasons why I am here. Learn from the best!

Hey yes I love this idea. We've talked about a "buddy system" before where new members can team up with existing members somehow. But I haven't yet built anything for it, because I'm not sure yet what it would look like.

I think it would be cool to start this informally. Then when we learn what works and doesn't work we can start to formalize this and add the necessary website functionality etc.

The new WIP intros ( ) might help a bit. It's a place for new members to introduce themselves. If you think you can help someone in particular, feel free to leave a comment on their intro with your offer to help them get set up, etc. You can also link to this post right here to give them some context.

What I would really like to see, is a daily micro zoom session/standup. Happy to help with this! I am trying to setup something like this, but I care more about a collective effort than my own.…

I've tried something like this, and it turned out that zoom sessions don't work quite well because they are synchronous – calls are hard to schedule, meetings take a lot of time, members start missing group sessions which increases the chance for the group to fall apart very quickly. What was your experience so far?

I haven't organized one yet, so not sure if it works. But I can understand it becomes hard to manage. I will try some, purely for motivational purposes and have some social interaction :)

Personally I'm really bad at scheduling. I like to keep my calendar as empty as possible.

But I do like the idea of video calls. Whether scheduled or ad-hoc. I've created a Whereby channel I want to experiment a bit with in the future.

You can find it here:

If you know any other members who might be interested feel free to start using it and let me now how it goes. I'll probably jump in myself this coming week and share it in the Telegram group. If people find it valuable I'll also start promoting it on the website.

How about async video threads? Record stand-ups, weekly goals, reply to other members when you have a minute. We all are busy people living in different time zones.

Awesome! I will have a look at the channel tomorrow. Would be nice to do an open room a certain time a day (09:00-10:00). Could become a feature, as in part of the streak and maybe motivates people to keep each other accountable.

I think this is a really cool and interesting idea- at the same time, I'm worried about how much time and value we would be taking from experienced makers without bringing value to them. Advisor meetings for most charge $200+ - FYI, i'm not the experienced maker charging! Just wanted to share, I am interested and planning on finding some sort of advisor/coach to work with so this would potentially fill the need.

Definitely interested, perhaps the advisor roles could specify their areas of expertise e.g. I am new to product launch so I would love help with that but I can offer advice on web design/dev. There could be an element of reciprocity, this way more users can contribute and it wouldn't be just two groups one giving and other taking.