Email server for local PHP development on macOS

I'm doing lightweight PHP programming using the macOS-integrated PHP server.

I'm currently in the process of coding my own contact form but I'm struggling to find a working way to send test emails from my localhost (macOS).

Check out MailHog -

Super! Thanks @Ryan DiMascio with the help of this article (…) I got it running.

I didn't understand how to actually send an email with MailHog so I abandoned it. Now, I'm trying out PHPMailer…. I'm required (in general) to enter my SMTP login (username, password) which makes me feel uncomfortable. Is there a secure way to store the SMTP login credentials on the live server?

I usually use mailtrap to test email sending.

+1 for mailtrap. If you're using Laravel, it's insanely easy to integrate.