Do you use an API management/monetization tool?

Hi guys, I'm currently evaluating some API management/monetization tools. Don't mind paying for a product, and don't really have the capacity to set up a VPS with metered billing etc, so looking for a big chunk of no-code..
Have you used a tool like this?
- I'm trying to move away from RapidAPI because it's kind of shit.
- Trying Zuplo right now, which works well, but I'm a high bandwidth user for which their pricing isn't really suitable.
- Looking to try Moesif, which only has monetization but doesn't host the API 

Tyk, Kong, Apigee are the popular ones for gateways. I've tried Tyk before (tested it out for a previous company, we ended up rolling our own) and it worked well - they also support monetization I believe.

Thanks Ben, Tyk looks great but starts at $600/month, not very indie hacker friendly!

Yeah many of these are expensive. How many requests are you getting and what's your budget?

I might suggest just putting cloudflare in front of your API, keeping track of API keys yourself in your own DB, then using Stripe/LemonSqueezy's usage-based pricing model and incrementing usage yourself if you want to save money

That way you don't need to pay for an extra API gateway

I have one client that I charge $400/month. Potential for more but not certain.
I don't want to config a custom solution (for now) which is why Zuplo would be perfect, but I'm using so much data that a big chunk of that $400 would go to them.