Cloud Nuke: Safely delete AWS resources in 3 clicks!

Hi WIP Community,

I launched Cloud Nuke to make it easy to safely delete AWS resources in 3 clicks!

I've found that deleting idle & underutilized cloud resources is the quickest win to reduce spending on cloud bills. Additionally the workflow of deleting cloud resources often exist in Engineering teams but it is not well thought out and a single member scrambles to determine what needs to be deleted. 

Building on clouds is getting easier, and conversely harder to delete since resources often depend on each other. 

Please roast my product, I would love to know why this is a bad idea!

This is an excellent idea. Though I have not used it personally to delete AWS resources, I could understand why this is important.

I would think twice before sharing my AWS key to the third party apps. Is "Sharing AWS keys a common practice" to avail some AWS services? Do you know any other projects that take AWS key and do some stuff for the users?

Other than that this looks like a cool idea. I am interested in seeing how this project evolves into.

Hi Brahma, thanks very much! I do believe this is a valuable problem to solve effectively and your feedback is quite helpful.

I am not familiar with projects that take the AWS keys from users and yes, I agree this is a valid concern for the customers. Currently, as stated in our FAQs, we clarify that keys are never stored on our backend and each nuke is a sandboxed, ephemeral process.

I'd advise you to find some people who are providing services regarding AWS and get to know how they are gaining user's trust to share info.