Closed our first $4,000/m Client!

How my TinyUI tweet ($25 service) resulted in getting our first $4,000/m PRO subscription for

People always ask me, why build so many projects? My answer to that is, why not? Build projects which complement each other and help promote your work in a unique way.

That's what we did with getbaked, indie design kit, AI design kit, Tailwind CSS kit, baked design & TinyUI. These services help us grow and cater to a wide range of audiences from indie hackers to enterprises.

TinyUI only ever made $125 in revenue, but everyone loved the marketing landing page, which resulted in 100k impressions, 3k unique visitors with a pretty bad conversion rate. But, it reached audiences beyond our reach within days and we were able to generate quality leads for

Our first PRO customer saw the TinyUI tweet and decided to book a call with us on Paid for the service 5 mins after the call, this sounds so easy and simple. But this took 5 months of constantly designing things for free or less money to create a brand for ourselves.

Most of all, it took week's worth of complete re-design of from my co-founder @aliszu, she single handled took up the job to make our design service stand out, it was her idea to start a design startup plan

My advice is not to be afraid of starting smaller projects which complement your main project. Build things and enjoy your journey along the way!

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take.”

This is a really cool concept, thanks for sharing - might try the same subscription model for software engineering while I work to get other business ideas off the ground. I imagine one of the benefits of this model is that people might not use up all the 10 change requests you promise them in a month, meaning they're paying for a service you didn't even need to render => few hours worked for $$$$$