Cheap hosting solution for an Ecommerce Website made in PHP & MYSQL?

Probably Digital Ocean would be best.

A lot of good documentation, SSH access, good security.

Thanks. Is it cheaper & easier than Heroku?

Heroku provides 1000 free hours every month. It is enough for the initial product. The default database on Heroku is Postgresql which is also free up to 10000 rows. Don't have idea on how to host MySql on Heroku. If you can find something please share.

Yes I definitely will. No idea about it. I'm collecting all the knowledge here I can.

Digital Ocean starts at $5/mo and is more powerful than Heroku, but Heroku is much simpler for sure

Depending on traffic. If it's extremely low volume, a free server from Google Cloud will suffice. If you're growing, try EC2 autoscaling with the new Aurora Server by AWS (the DB that grows according to your demand).

What do you think about Heroku for PHP & MYSQL?

that works too, if you don't want the hassle of setting things up from scratch. it's a bit over-priced imho.

If you have experience working w backend and servers then digital ocean is OK, you can get 3 months free w their free trial. But if you want to work without worries about devops then heroku is a great choice and is free with 1K hours per month OR you can go with AWS lambda (free tier) and enjoy a little bit of both.

Check out Siteground. They have competitive prices.

If you want something that's pretty easy to manage and is great for lots of experiments - might be okay. Control Panels email etc.