CandidateOne - Where should I go with this product?


What is it
The problem I'm trying to solve is as I've gotten further in my career I've started to get a lot of recruiter messaging and managing it is not ideal. When I start looking for a new job I want to see a list of all the companies and jobs that have already reached out to me. This product is basically a candidate-friendly version of LinkedIn InMail. I use this as a candidate myself, but don't have too many other users.

Issues w/ value prop
The value prop for candidates may not be enough for them to use the product in current state, and recruiters are only going to use it if candidates are on it. At the end of the day I still have to be on LinkedIn anyway as some recruiters might message me there.

Where to go with product?
Niche down
In order to make the value prop clearer and actually have a business here one thought is I could niche down. For example pick something like "senior engineers" or "passive candidates" and try to make the site specifically targeting them.

Scrap the idea
I'm not sure that really would drive people to sign up for the site though. Improving candidate experience here may just not be enough of a business opportunity so an alternative is to scrap the idea and work on something else.

Interested to hear your thoughts! 

Hi Francis! This looks like a really cool product idea. I think there's a ton of value for job-hunters (both passive and active), but probably little value for recruiters. So, what if you didn't worry about the recruiters? What if you built integrations around all the recruiting messages engineers get. They could have a central repository for managing their active search and archiving messages when they are more passive.

I don't think you should scrap the project or even drill down to a more specific niche. I think you should simply focus all your efforts on catering to the job hunter and that means finding a way to not worry about the recruiters.