Can you say what this business does and does the description make sense?

My company Trustbar is developing a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and automated asset manager. For crypto traders, the trades are decentralized and secure, which means there's no need to deposit and/or withdraw from Trustbar. The swaps occur instantly with the token purchased returned to the trader's wallet in the same transaction that the trader sends the token they are selling. The automated asset manager allows crypto holders to pool their crypto and earns fees whenever crypto traders trade. Crypto holders are also rewarded with the Trustbar token for pooling their crypto and providing liquidity to the exchange.

Can you say what it does and does the description make sense?

Any suggestions to the description are welcome.

Who's your target audience? I believe there's some defined terminology for what you describe (atomic swap?) but it all depends on who you're talking whether it makes sense to use that or not.

For me, as someone who's dabbled a bit into DeFi but not a lot, the decetrnalized exchange with swaps makes sense. I'm not sure about the automated asset manager though. Do you just mean providing liquidity?

It sounds like most other DEX's. Is that correct?